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Collaborating with the University of Edinburgh in Formulation Science and Cosmetics is possible via the Edinburgh Complex Fluids Partnership. Through consultancy and collaborative projects, you can access bespoke and state-of-the-art facilities as well as world-renowned experts in the field to generate maximum knowledge output and deliver innovation. Previous projects have led to favourable economic and reputational impact for our partners; for example, our collaboration with Aqualutions led to launch of a new product which won a prestigious award.

Come and visit us on Stand 1127 to find out more.

Meet the ECFP team at SCS Formulate

Daniel Hodgson

Executive Director, ECFP

Dr Daniel Hodgson is the Executive Director of ECFP, leading a team of post docs and support staff to engage with industry across a wide range of sectors, solving industrial challenges and facilitating innovation, particularly in the area of sustainable reformulation.

Daniel completed his PhD in Physics in 2016, studying the link between the flow of dense suspensions and the formation of solid particle agglomerates. Since then he has worked on a broad range of industry focussed projects, ranging from chocolate to ceramics to cosmetics and personal care products.

Denise Li

Business Development Executive, Edinburgh Innovations

Dr Denise Li is Business Development Executive supporting ECFP. She completed her PhD under the Soft Matter and Functional Interfaces Centre for Doctoral Training (SOFI CDT) in 2018, studying the Structure and Stability of Phospholipids in Dermatological Formulations. Denise then went on to join the Physical Sciences team at Mondelēz International. She then joined ECFP as Impact Acceleration Associate, establishing the group’s Skin Research capabilities.

Andreia Silva

Royal Society Industry Fellow, ECFP

Dr Andreia Silva is a Royal Society Industry Fellow.  She completed her PhD in complex fluids in 2017, studying the flow dynamics of vitreous humour (VH) and of a range of pharmacological fluids used to replace VH in eye surgery.

Andreia uses physical, chemical and mechanical techniques to understand both the macroscopic and microscopic behaviour of complex fluids, and the contribution of isolated components with the aim of developing new formulations. She has a particular interest in fluids and formulations that show non-Newtonian behaviour and therefore are characterised by complex and interesting mechanisms.

Andreia works in collaborative research projects assisting industrial clients understanding and developing new products, technologies and materials in complex fluids/soft matter.

David Moore

Honorary Professor in Biophysics

Professor David Moore has been involved in biophysical studies of skin, biological membranes, and topical formulation development for 25 years. From 2013 to 2020 David lead skin health R&D activities at GlaxoSmithKline in North Carolina, New Jersey, and London. Prior to this, David led industrial R&D groups focused on skin membrane biophysics, FTIR spectroscopy and spectroscopic imaging, measurement science, and topical formulation development at Unilever, International Specialty Products (now Ashland), and TRI-Princeton.

In 2022, David was appointed as an honorary professor in the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Edinburgh where he works closely with the Edinburgh Complex Fluids Partnership.

You can find out more about the ECFP team and academics on our People page.

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Case Studies

Find out more about the work we do through our case studies. ECFP has worked with more than 50 companies since our inception in 2012, across a wide range of industrial sectors. Our case studies give some insight into how we work with companies, the role we played, and the outcome for our partners.


University of Edinburgh researchers have developed DAINTech, a new gel-phase formulation chassis technology. The DAINTech technology provides a route to stable formulations with appealing sensory aspects using established and cost-effective industrial materials, and without the use of polymer or microplastic elements. It also offers an alternative potential solution to formulate otherwise challenging ingredients. The platform technology is expected to be broadly applicable to a wide range of industry applications and gives commercial partners the opportunity to implement innovative, environmentally sustainable and commercially valuable formulation products as part of their product development process.

Where soft matter physics meets Renaissance beauty regimes

University of Edinburgh researchers have been collaboratively studying the history and science of Renaissance cosmetics. Both in Renaissance times and in the present day, the flow properties of such skin and hair care products is key to their formulation. As a result of their collaboration, they have developed The Beauty Sensorium – a multi-sensory commission where visitors can enter the world of Renaissance cosmetics. The exhibition shows how Renaissance cosmetic makers wrestled with many of the same technical challenges as modern soft matter scientists and industrial formulators.

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