Andreia Silva

Impact Acceleration Associate

Andreia is a bioengineer with expertise in complex fluids. She completed her PhD in 2017, where she investigated, both experimentally and numerically, the flow dynamics of vitreous humour (VH) and of a range of pharmacological fluids used to replace VH in eye surgery.

She has been using physical, chemical and mechanical techniques to understand both the macroscopic and microscopic behaviour of complex fluids, and the contribution of isolated components with the aim of developing new formulations. She has a particular interest in fluids and formulations related to pharmaceutical and food industry, biofluids and biopolymers that show non-Newtonian behaviour and therefore are characterised by complex and interesting mechanisms.

Andreia works in collaborative research projects with commercial partners, assisting industrial clients understanding and developing new products, technologies and materials in complex fluids/soft matter.