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Enhanced product performance through scientific advance

Our world class, multidisciplinary team of physicists, biologists, chemists and engineers work seamlessly with industry partners to deliver rapid and meaningful results for commercial benefit.

Using a suite of bespoke tools, we work on the full spectrum of fundamental and applied research projects, studying products and materials that have complex flow properties, including gels, pastes, suspensions and composites. 

Contact us directly or meet us at one of our regular industry days to explore how we can help you generate the understanding you need to deliver innovation in your business.

Who we work with

ECFP works with industries across a wide array of sectors underpinned by soft matter and biological physics. Find out more about how we can work with you.

What we do

ECFP delivers scientific understanding to improve formulation design whilst decreasing development time and improving sustainability. Find out more about our previous projects on the case studies page.

How can we help you

ECFP has extensive experience with leveraging national and international funding opportunities to assist collaboration with businesses of all sizes. Find out more about funding opportunities.

Characterisation & Product Development

At ECFP we perform a wide range of characterisation techniques in order to understand how products work. We use this insight to assist with product development and reformulation. Explore our capabilities.

Industry Focussed Research

ECFP engages in both fundamental and industry applied research across a broad range of themes in soft matter and biological physics. Find out about our research.

Education & Training

We offer a range of continuing professional development and training programmes from hands-on instrument training to bespoke subject courses. Read more about our training opportunities.

How can we help you?

Please get in contact with us to find out more about ECFP and whether we can help you.

Case study spotlight

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