Advances in polymers and materials for additive manufacturing II

Dr Rory O'Neill from ECFP will be attending Advances in polymers and materials for additive manufacturing II in Dublin

Hosted by SCI’s All-Ireland and Materials groups, this conference will explore the field of polymers and materials and their uses in additive manufacturing. This event will focus on sustainable developments in the field with a focus on the following areas;

• Development of natural and biobased materials from 3D printing
• Efficient manufacturing of materials from 3D printing
• Efficient lightweight materials from 3D printing
• Analysis and characterisation of printed materials

Many of today’s advanced materials are processed in a wet or molten state in which complex fluid behaviour determines the microstructure and properties of the final product. Design principles and discoveries from soft matter physics therefore enable ECFP to contribute to the development of such materials, which can be tailored to have unique capabilities for many different industrial sectors.

If you will be attending and would like to schedule a meeting with Rory, please get in touch.

Event details

University College Dublin, Ireland
See conference website

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