Society of Cosmetic Scientists Annual Conference 2024

Dr Andreia Silva from ECFP will be attending SCS's annual conference in September

This year, the SCS annual conference will be held in York. Focusing on the high-quality cosmetic science being carried out in research groups across the UK and Ireland, it will bring together leading scientists to share their latest discoveries. Attendees will have a unique opportunity to expand their professional networks and build new collaborations.

In 2024, the scientific programme will cover a 5 key topics:

1. Celebrating Cosmetic Science
2. Skin Health
3. Hair Care Products & Heat Styling Devices
4. Product Science & Product Evaluation
5. Skin Science

In both the cosmetic and medical sectors, topical delivery normally involves the spreading and massaging of a soft material onto the skin. It is therefore important to consider the physical interactions governing this biological system in order to optimise product performance. ECFP can help companies understand how their products interact and permeate the skin, formulate novel skin-based products, and test product efficacy and sensory properties. 

Please get in touch with Andreia if you will be attending and would like to schedule a meeting.

Event details

York, UK
Standard Rate 1 x standard delegate place SCS Member – £495 Non-Member – £650 Early Bird Rate 1 x standard delegate place SCS Member – £445 Non-Member – £585

How can we help you?

Please get in contact with us to find out more about ECFP and whether we can help you.