Simon Weir

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Simon is a soft matter physicist with experiance working in Industry and Academia. He completed His PhD in Physics in 2016 on the Rheology of Caramel, where caramels material properties where characterised and determining how these would change under changes in composition or cook.

Following this and a brief Post Doctoral position with ECFP at Edinburgh, Simon obtained a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with a start-up and undertook the study of cystic-fibrosis mucus at Lamellar Biomedical, where he studied and characterised mucus and the the companies technology Lamellasomes.

After the KTP, Simon returned to academia to work with Davide Micheletto as a Senior Post Doctoral Research Associate investigating the material properties of DNA and DNA Origami and how these are affected by topological changes in the DNA. Additionally, he returned to ECFP to work on surfactant and foam systems.

Simons research interests lie in complex systems that are governed by simple rules. Linking the bulk rheological material properties in these complex systems to one or two polymeric or other microscopic interactions that govern the entire system.