Sashikumar Ramamirtham

Impact Acceleration Associate

Sashi joined ECFP as an Impact Acceleration Associate in Biological Physics on Jan’2023.He is a chemical engineer turned bio-physicist with 8+ years of research experience at the interface of industry and academia.

He concluded his PhD (Massey University, 2017-2021) on fundamental structure-rheology relationships of milk proteins and plant polysaccharides at liquid/liquid interfaces. Prior to PhD, he researched on triglycerides used in sunscreen formulations liaising between Unilever (India) and Indian Institute of Technology (Madras). Other material systems he has worked with includes Pickering emulsions, bacterial films, Janus particles along with brief stints in tyre and coating industries. He also has a Masters (Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering) from the University of Pennsylvania (2010-2012).

He has proficiency in macro & micro rheological techniques with a keen interest in understanding complex fluids comprising of biomolecules and microorganisms. Other areas of interests revolves around fluid/fluid interfaces, structure-function relationships, nanoparticles and biomolecular interactions.