About Us

Our Mission

At the Edinburgh Complex Fluids Partnership (ECFP) our mission is to advance and innovate complex fluid design and processes through scientific excellence. We endeavour to improve product performance, the consumer experience and help companies switch to more sustainable resources and more efficient processes.

What we do?

Our partners are companies (from start-ups through to multinationals), research institutions and scale-up centres.  We work on research to solve industrial challenges and embed innovation.  Funding can come in any form, e.g. contract research (privately-funded), collaborative research (a few partners, often partly public-funded) and academic research (publically-funded).

What is a Complex Fluid?

Complex fluids are fluids that contain structures at scales larger than the molecular length scale such as particle dispersions, emulsions, gels and surfactant solutions. They surround us in our every-day lives in foods, cosmetics, agrochemicals, cleaning products, pharmaceuticals, fuels and cement mix, to name a few.

Our Expertise

Scientists in the Edinburgh Complex Fluids Partnership specialise in understanding interactions between components in soft materials and complex fluids and how they influence product performance and manufacturing challenges. We continually generate new connections between world-leading researchers and industrial scientists and create and deliver bespoke projects tailored to company needs. Intensive academic research extends our capabilities providing scientific excellence and innovation.  

Sectors worked with between August 2013 - December 2020

Our Story

ECFP was founded in 2012 by academics from complex fluid research and since then, we have helped companies from all sectors relevant to formulation science from multinational scale to start-ups. Our world-leading academic researchers and excellent facilities are key to our success in solving problems and generating innovative solutions. ECFP is based within the Complex Fluid Research Group in the Institute of Condensed Matter and Complex Systems at The University of Edinburgh.

Visit Us

We welcome visitors and can ensure that academics with the appropriate blend of expertise are invited to attend discussions. Our new ECFP Gallery has been set up to give visitors insight of the challenges we explore and is situated on the ground floor (to the right of the lifts) in the James Clerk Maxwell Building in the King’s Buildings (map).