Funding Opportunities

Soft Matter and Formulation research is truly multidisciplinary bringing together physicists, biologists, chemists and engineers and therefore funds within various disciplines can be used to support work with us. Local, national and European funding schemes are all worth consideration. This list is not entirely comprehensive but has been put together as a helpful guide. Contact us to discuss the most suitable type of funding for your project.

European Funding

EUSMI Project

EUSMI provides the community of European soft-matter researchers with an open-access infrastructure as a platform to support and extend their research, covering characterization, synthesis, and modeling.

The use of EUSMI installations is offered free of charge and financial contribution to related travel and accommodation costs is granted to successful applications from academia and from industry, thanks to financial support from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 731019 (EUSMI).

European Soft Matter scientists can apply for access to our facilities at the University of Edinburgh. Equipment running costs, travel and accommodation are paid for by the network.

Scottish Universities Physics Alliance (SUPA)

The Scottish Universities Physics Alliance often funds knowledge exchange activites across a range of topics that can involve collaboration with any physics department within Scotland.

SFC Horizon 2020 SME Engagement Voucher

Support for Scottish SMEs to engagement with EU officials and structures, Consortia building, Proposal writing in any field.

National Funding

Bio Base NWE Innovation Coupons

Offered to SMEs for bio-based technology development

Innovate UK

Innovate UK regularly runs competitions to support large (50-500K) industry-led projects in high value manufacturing, biotechnology, nutrition and formulation science among others. Frequently, it is essential to have SME involvement and ideally collaborations on topics of interest would be set up well in advance of the call becoming live.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Run by Innovate UK these partnerships support a suitably qualified graduate to work with a company in partnership with a University for 6 months to 3 years. An SME contributes around one third of the total cost. The academic commits 10% of their time to work with the company, mainly at the company premises.

Scottish Funding

Advanced Innovation Vouchers

Funding (Scotland only). Up to £20,000 of match funding to either encourage sustained relationships with academia and enable existing partnerships to continue the development of a project or for those companies who are beginning their collaborative journey with a HEI / FE college partner. The company must provide a mix of in-kind and cash contributions.

Innovation vouchers

Under a Standard Innovation voucher, up to £5,000 of funding is available aimed at encouraging first-time partnerships between a company and a university or further education college. The company contributes an equal value in cash or in kind (such as staff time, materials or equipment) or a combination of both.

Under a Student Placement Innovation voucher, up to £5,000 of funding is available to fund a PhD or Masters student to work within your organisation on a clearly defined project and continue the development of a Standard Innovation Voucher award. The company must have suitable premises to host a student for the duration of the project.

University Funding

Edinburgh Innovations

Edinburgh Innovations runs several schemes using funding provided to the University (e.g. Impact Acceleration Account funding) to encourage knowledge transfer through student internships, staff secondments (to and from industry) and early stage development funding.