Dr Tiffany A Wood

Dr Tiffany Wood is a Senior Knowledge Transfer Fellow and works with companies to help them adopt innovative technologies from the Soft Matter and Biological Physics Research Group.   She continues to work closely with ECFP which she set up in 2011, together with Professor Wilson Poon.  Tiffany was Director of ECFP between 2016 - 2020 when she stepped down to focus on the commercialisation of the group's inventions.  

Tiffany's research interests are in the behaviour of colloids in liquid crystalline media.  She is interested in how these structured fluids determine the assembly of colloids and how defects determine bulk behaviour.  She held a Royal Society Industrial Fellowship between 2015-2019 during which she worked with The Mentholatum Company Ltd.

Tiffany has a PhD in Physics from the University of Manchester and carried out postdoctoral research on colloidal glasses at the University of Bristol before joining Edinburgh's Soft Matter and Biological Physics research group in 2007.