Dr Marieke M Schor

Marieke is ECFP's Computer Simulation Impact Acceleration Associate. 

Marieke completed her PhD. in the Computational Chemistry group at the University of Amsterdam (the Netherlands) in 2011. Here, she developed and applied a variety of computer simulation methods to study protein folding and self-assembly. During her subsequent postdoctoral positions (at the National Physical Laboratory, Teddington and the University of Edinburgh), Marieke has sought to integrate computer simulations with experimental information to study a wide variety of systems, including antimicrobial peptides, amyloid formation, lipid bilayers and interfacially active proteins.

Over the years, Marieke has familiarised herself with a range of simulation methods, including enhanced sampling methods, multi-scale modeling and advanced analysis methods like Markov state modeling. She has hands-on experience of many popular simulation software packages and high-performance computing systems like the UK’s supercomputer ARCHER.