Dr Job H. J. Thijssen

Job Thijssen is an experimental physicist and materials scientist developing soft materials to enhance batteries and fuel cells. Job has extensive experience in fabricating and characterizing advanced soft materials with novel structures, notably photonic colloidal crystals and particle-stabilized liquid-liquid composites (e.g. emulsions and bijels). Job is currently focussed on coating and soft materials for enhanced batteries and fuel cells and their mechanical properties (rheology). Job's specialties include: colloids at liquid interfaces, colloids in external fields, confocal and electron microscopy, image analysis, light and X-ray scattering, interfacial rheology of complex fluids.

Job is interested in the application of interfacial rheology to relevant industrial challenges. Apart from that, mainly (but not exclusively) he is interested in coatings and energy applications for soft materials or soft-matter techniques.