ECFP's Covid-19 response

22 Apr 2020

The Edinburgh Complex Fluids Partnership is running projects to support industry with making hand gels for sanitising skin.  The formulation recommended by the World Health Organisation is very liquid like and runs off the hands leading to poor coverage and waste.  Hand gels require an ingredient, usually a polymer, to ‘thicken’ the formulation so that it will not drip off the hand and can be rubbed in.  We are performing rheology experiments to explore a range of potential rheology modifiers that are compatible with active ingredients known to kill viruses (e.g. ethanol).  Many ingredients are in short supply so it is important we explore a variety of options.   The results will help manufacturers provide key workers with hand sanitisers that are essential to protect themselves and their families. 

In parallel, academics associated with ECFP are exploring routes to apply their expertise in nanoparticle interactions on surfaces and interfaces to develop an understanding of how viruses can be transferred between people or be destroyed. 

Please get in touch if you would like to collaborate.

  Photo of NHS worker using hand sanitiserImage credit: sturti/Getty Images