Dr. Keith Bromley reflects on working with ScotBio

07 Jul 2020

In his recent blog, Dr Keith Bromley tells us about his experiences of working with Scot Bio, a biotechnology company based in Scotland, as an independent consultant after he moved to California.  Dr Bromley met the Chief Technology Officer, Rocky Kindt, at an Academic Industrial Meeting Day (AIMDay) organized by Edinburgh Innovations.  Keith was immediately excited by a potential project on a fascinating protein which led to a short but very successful collaboration with ECFP while Keith was still working at the University of Edinburgh. 

Reflecting on his time at Edinburgh, Keith says "I know the move to industry is absolutely the right move for me. I’m just glad I found myself in a place that not only encouraged thinking about working in industry, but had set up ECFP to give postdocs and PhDs the opportunity of getting their feet wet before diving in!"

More recently, Keith has started a new position as an Innovation Scientist for Beyond Meat in California and is relishing (pun intended) the scientific challenges ahead.