A successful Doors Open Day

28 Sep 2017

ECFP was delighted to open its doors to visitors last Saturday 23rd September. Part of the Edinburgh-wide Doors Open Days event, ran annually by the Cockburn association, visitors were greeted at the level 2 of JCMB (where the ECFP is located) by a team of 13 PhD students and Post-Docs, who showcased the physics of complex fluids through a number of highly interactive activities, such as making slime, lava lamps, playing with a non-Newtonian fluid made of corn-starch and water, investigating the possibility of life on Mars, etc. Research lab tours ran throughout the day, where active researchers (Dr. Anne Pawsey, Dr. Elena Bianco, Dr. Job Thijssen, Dr. Jochen Arlt, Dr. Bartek Waclaw, Dr. Elin Lilja) demonstrated and explained the cutting-edge research work they undertake. We were busy all day as we welcomed over 500 visitors who all left with a big smile.

This event was joitnly organised by the ECFP, the Ogden Trust, the UK Centre for Astrobiology and the CM-CDT, with the generous support of numerous volunteers across the Institute for Condensed Matter and Complex Systems.

Eoin Ó Laighléis and David Crossby showing viscous coiling

Dr. Anne Pawsey talking about rheology and rheometers

Dr. Job Thijssen demonstrating a fast confocal microscope in action

Dr. Elena Blanco sharing her enthusiasm for powders and granular suspensions

Dr. Bartek Waclaw explaining how bio-physics gives futher insight into bacterial mobility