BioInformulation 2017: Event Report

06 Sep 2017

ECFP's biannual Informulation Event this year focused on all things "Bio" related. In the morning session participants heard from researchers in the Edinburgh Soft Matter and Biological Physics group. Prof Cait MacPhee spoke on the outcomes of the recently completed programme grant and her work applying fundamental biophysics to industrial formulations. Dr Jochen Arlt and Dr Katie Burton from RAFT Vetinary consulatants discussed their work using DDM litterally in the field to measure the mobility of bulls' sperm. A series of short talks spanned topics from knotted DNA to neutrons via bacteria trapped in mazes and stuck to surfaces.

Dr Stephen Roe of AMT Microwave Technologies commented:

"(These) multiple short talks (...) demonstrated application of detailed science to real work applications in a quite unexpected and practical way"

The industry perspective was presented by Dr Lawrence Okorafor of Croda Europe, highlighting the process required before a new material can be used in a formulation and the factors which must be considered. Brown and smelly materials are not welcome. Dr Loris Fossier of IBioIC introduced the centre and various applications of industrial biotehnology. Finally, Dr Alison Frew introduce the Chemical Sciences Scotland Leadership programme.

In the afternoon delegates were able to meet one another to discuss their science, product or opportunities. The room buzzed with converstations and it was hard to get eveyone to stop talking and move to the next meeting. Finally, delegates were able to tour the Soft Matter Physics laboratories.

Jochen Arlt speaks about DDM in the fieldDiscussions in progress