A SUPA funded industrial placement at L'Oreal by Dr. Niek Hijnen

L'Oreal, Paris

Having just finished my PhD and working as a PDRA with ECFP at the University of Edinburgh, I was offered the opportunity to go on a 3 month secondment, funded by the Scottish Universities Physics Alliance (SUPA), to L'Oreal in Chevilly-Larue, Paris. Florence Levy, who is leading L'Oreal's Applied Fragrances Research group, had offered a project studying the complexation of fragrance molecules.

Due to the placement being relatively short, the hosts and I decided that I should produce an extensive literature review to provide the company with an overview of the latest developments from academia and industry. Discussing my findings throughout the project helped direct the review towards topics that were most interesting to L'Oreal. At the end of the project I had acquired a broad knowledge of host-guest chemistry while also gaining a better insight into the considerations involved when doing research in industry. Overall, I had a great time working at L'Oreal. My direct co-workers made me feel very welcome and they enthusiastically introduced me to the field of fragrances.

The SUPA industry placement ended up being a very valuable experience, providing a good introduction into applied research in industry. I am very grateful to SUPA, L'Oreal, and ECFP for having made all of this possible. Following this placement, I have begun working with the Protective Coatings group at AkzoNobel.

07 Oct 2014